Time to refocus your mindset

Time to Refocus

Time to Refocus

Let me forewarn you before you dive head-first into this week’s blog- this isn’t an “insurance post”. This post is meant to help you refocus your mindset and take advantage of the opportunity at hand, AKA the 2nd half of 2020.
I’ve been hearing/seeing so so so much social media content regarding the first half of this year, concluding with essentially throwing in the 2020 towel. I do believe much of it started as a joke, but I also think it’s resonated with many especially professionally.
The first half of 2020 was unlike anything most of us have ever seen and hopefully will never see again. It was an eye-opener. The pandemic forced us to understand that some things are just out of our control and that we need to slow down and take our health into consideration, as well as the health of our society. The murder of George Floyd forced us to look into the mirror, and face the uncomfortable truth that maybe we haven’t been looking at the world as considerately as we should have.

The adage “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” comes to mind. What did you learn from these events in the first half of 2020, and how has it changed your mentality in how you will live 2020’s 2nd half, into 2021, 2022, etc.? I think many can say that it absolutely had an impact- but what are you going to do differently moving forward?

From a family perspective, I believe we need to start living our personal lives like many live professionally- with intention. Many of us plan our work-week and let our personal-week happen as it may. We spend time with kids, our spouse, meditate/reflect/relax as our work-week allows. If we have a crazy work week, it’s likely going to impact the time we spend on our personal lives.

So what if we started living our personal lives with the same intention as our professional lives? What if we started intentionally carving out time each day/week to do what REALLY matters. Kicking back on the porch with your spouse over a glass of wine. Going for a walk. Playing catch with your kids. What if those activities were planned BEFORE your work week was planned. Which do you think is truly more important?
Professionally the 2nd half of 2020 should be the strongest 6-month stretch you’ve ever experienced. Regardless of the industry or line-of-work, you’re in, the 1st half of 2020 likely represented disruption in your market. Now you could look at that disruption as a death sentence for your year. Good luck with that, see you in 2021… OR you could look at that disruption as a massive opportunity. A catalyst for change to alter the way you function each and every day to make the biggest impact you can on your business. Maybe it’s a stronger adoption of technology now that you see it’s value. Maybe it’s growth by hiring more work-from-home employees now that you see what they can accomplish outside of the office. There are SO many mind-blowing strategies you likely can easily implement to see a massive impact yet this year.
In truth, as it relates to business, people are FIRED UP to get back to work and get stuff done! More likely than not, this is a good thing for your industry. What are you going to do to capitalize on it? How can you implement a new activity/strategy/service that would allow you to double/triple your goals? At this point what honestly do you have to lose? What do you have to gain? With proper planning, there is no reason you can’t accomplish this in the 2nd half of 2020.
All in all, 2020 can be a life-changing year for you. 10 years from now you can look back and either say, 2020 was the year you started living your life with intention and ended up being one of the greatest years of your life, OR 2020 was an awful year and you just want to forget it. The choice is yours, although I think we both know the better option.
Stay safe, stay healthy. Kick some serious A$$ in this 2nd half of 2020!