Things to Do Around Your House This Spring

Interior of Midwest Lake House Wade Weissmann Architecture

The colder weather is starting to be more of a distant memory in Omaha, NE. That means that spring is here. If you are ready for the spring weather, that means it is time to get your home ready for it too. Use these tips from Oracle Insurance to make sure both you and your home are ready for the warmer weather.

  • De-winterize your home- If you took the time to winterize your home before the colder weather hit then you also need to de-winterize it, and now is a perfect time before the hot summer months come.
  • Have your HVAC checked- You do not want to find out in the hot heat of summer that your air conditioning unit is no longer working or you need a repair. Get a professional out to do some regular maintenance on your HVAC unit so that it is ready whenever the weather gets hot this summer.
  • Do some spring cleaning– Everyone is getting into this craze. If you find the urge to do some cleaning, start with the inside of your home. Not only will it look better but you will also feel better once it is done.
  • Plant some flowers– Spring is defined by beautiful flowers everywhere and if you have the yard to plant some then you need to take advantage of it. Go ahead and get some flowers in different colors and make a weekend of it. You will be happy you did when everything starts to bloom right outside of your home.

If you do not already have a great home insurance policy, then you should consider getting one now. There is nothing better than a great home insurance policy to protect your home. Contact Oracle Insurance, serving Omaha, NE, today for your quote or visit our website to try our online rating tool for a quote on your home insurance.