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Many people are not aware that there is an option for pet insurance, but there is.

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If you are located in Omaha NE, chances are you are familiar with many of the laws of Nebraska. There are many insurance laws that you should be aware of in particular. Many people are not aware that there is an option for pet insurance, but there is. It makes sense, because, for many people, their pets are a very important part of their families. While it is not required to have pet insurance, it can be very helpful in case of an unexpected crisis situation with your pet.

There are many pet insurance policies that can be of assistance. You should be aware that the breed of your pet will likely influence your insurance rates, with dogs generally being more expensive than cats. In addition, there will be differences even between dogs and between cats depending on the breeds of the insured animals. You should personalize your pet insurance quote before you work this into your budget so that you do not overestimate or underestimate what you will have to pay for pet insurance.

More Than Pet Insurance

Generally, pet insurance will give you coverage for your dog and cat that will save you money whenever you visit any veterinarian in the state of Nebraska. In fact, there are some insurance companies that will provide coverage in any state in the United States, so that you will not have to worry about your veterinarian bills even if you take your pet out of Nebraska. There are different options, including options for people who have multiple pets.

With your Figo policy, you also receive the first-ever Pet Cloud with a mobile app to manage your pet’s life. Some features of the Pet Cloud include:

  • Access to your pet’s records for travel and emergency
  • Text and email reminders for pet health appointments
  • Lost pet technology using GPS and family text alerts
  • Pet-friendly business locator
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If you have any questions about pet insurance or how it can help you, you can go to the independent insurance agents of Oracle Insurance Agency Inc. for the answers that you seek. Oracle Insurance Agency Inc. is home to many qualified professionals who can give you all of the information you need to know about pet insurance in the state of Nebraska and how it can help you in your specific situation in Omaha NE.



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More than Just Pet Insurance

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