Home Warranty

Keeping ourselves covered with a home warranty is, without a doubt, one of the main objectives of sound home ownership.

HVAC technician in Omaha Nebraska repairing furnace under Home Warranty

Home Warranty

However, the subject of home warranty can become a confusing process that many people aren’t willing to engage with. If this seems like a common issue for you, then solutions exist through our comprehensive Home Warranty packages. Each is designed to offer a simplistic and challenge-free solution to anyone looking for that extra cover and peace of mind.

To make life easier, we provide two different plans for you to pick from – Premium, and Supplemental. Each offers simplicity in making the right call based on your needs and budget.


This Supplemental plan is the catch-all solution for those on a budget. From keeping your trash compactors and garbage disposals secured to looking after kitchen appliances, we cover you for just about everything.

This protection plan is a contract that allows for easy repairs and replacements of just about every utility that you could make use of. Now, you can be safe in the knowledge that your home is covered in every conceivable way from damage due to an extensive coverage plan.

The end-result is a simple, 24/7 support plan that matches up with local technicians for easy coverage and support. Our protection plans cover as much as you need, with added extras for everything from water softeners to ice makers provided for that added comfort.

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Now, you can make sure that you avoid the excess payments on repairs that other home owners need to face. With appliance failures a regular occurrence at home, it helps to turn to our professional system for help and assistance in correcting these problems immediately.

For one low fee of $25 A month, you can make all the difference to your comfort at home. Contact us for further details on how we can help you.

plumber under sink counter covered with Omaha Nebraska home warranty

Home Protection Plan

The “all-inclusive” selection, our Home Protection Plan offers all the help that you need in keeping your home safe and secure. With all unknown pre-existing conditions included, this makes sure that you have that security and comfort in mind regarding your home.

This offers brilliant bonuses to keep your home comprehensively covered. From total coverage for washers, dryers and kitchen refrigerators covered at no extra cost, you can keep vital supplies and utilities in perfect working order.

Our service is backed up by a completely free, no-strings-attached listing coverage for all sellers. This protection plan is perfect for both buyers and sellers. Whether it’s a dishwasher that has broken or a central vacuum that needs assistance, we have the expertise and the know how to solve even the most troubling of issues.

Rather than spending huge sums of money on individual replacements, our programs start at just $45 a month. This offers you 24/7 support away from individual repair requirements, meaning you only need to deal with one easy-going team of experts instead.

Contact us today for further details on our Home Protection Plan.

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