5 Things To Look For In Your Car Insurance

Car Insurance

It’s a requirement to have car insurance if you want to own and drive a car. But what really matters? Knowing the basics of car insurance can determine which policy is best for you. Here are the 5 things to look for in your car insurance

Pricing and deductibles 

Buying the most coverage you can afford is what most insurance experts say. But your deductible can play a role in the overall cost of the policy. If you can afford a $1000 deductible (meaning you pay that much up front in case of a claim) then the monthly or annual premium is less. 

So factor in how much you can afford to pay out of pocket when getting an insurance quote.


So many coverage options on the market – liability, full coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, just to name a few. Based on your car, budget and expectations in the result of a claim will determine what coverage option is best for you. Getting a quote for multiple coverage options so you can compare is a good idea.

Your choices matter

This article is about car insurance – but you’re one of the biggest factors! Your age, what car you drive, credit score and many more factors are a role in your insurance premium. Some insurance companies will quote a higher premium based on certain risk factors, over others. 


Just like your choices matter, you can get discounts, too. One of the best things to look for in car insurance is how many discounts they offer. Ask for these discounts:

  • Good driver
  • Bundling policies (like renter and home insurance)
  • Mileage
  • Work from home
  • Loyalty
  • Annual payment discount
  • And more!


Imagine being on the side of the road with a fender-bender and trying to get on the phone with an insurance agent. You want someone to be there for you, right? 

Well consider this a big part of buying insurance!  Can you expect:

  • An agent (or 800-number) available 24/7?
  • Quick response with questions?
  • Setting appointments with adjusters and inspectors?
  • How a claim is handled?

Understanding the level of service you’ll get with your new car insurance policy is vital prior to purchase.

Insurance may not be the most fun topic for most people, but it’s an important one to get right. Do your research and don’t skimp out on this important protection.