Adding your teen to your auto insurance can be scary.

So my son, who is a sophomore in Gretna Nebraska, turned 16 this month and I had the dreaded realization of adding a teen driver to your auto insurance surprise. This is something I have experienced adding teen insurance to the policy, but they had been of my clients of our insurance agency. This is a first for me personally and it does add a few dollars for sure to your insurance cost.

In Omaha, Gretna or any city it scary putting a young driver on the road when you cannot be in the car helping them.  My wife and I had the luxury of growing up in small-town Iowa and there were not as many cars o the road or things to hit as well.  So it was a little less stressful and our parents did not need to worry about us and distracted driving, other than messing with the stereo to run up Metallica or STP.

Handing over the keys to your teen insurance

So, a lot of insurance carriers in Nebraska and nationwide are helping combat this for us as parents and also to help the young drivers (and Adults). It is the use of a telematics type instrument, whether it is an app or a plug-in.  It is perfect to help save money on your auto insurance and help you become a better driver as well.  I have learned that I can drive a little aggressive thanks to my AAA Drive app with my auto insurance. And it can also enable me to help my son drive safer and less distracted, by assisting with Acceleration stats, Mobile Distraction, Fatigue and time of day while driving.  And we saved 17% extra on our auto insurance this month.  Even though some people think it is an invasion of privacy, it is not any worse than Facebook, right?  Safer driving and saving money, sign me up, or let me know if you want me to sign you up.