4 Things To Look For In A Home Warranty

Home warranties are an expectation from home buyers these days. A good home warranty can protect a buyer’s investment when it comes to buying a home, but they aren’t all created equal. If you’re looking for a guide to walk you through the most important aspects of a home warranty, then read on!

4 Things To Check For In A Home Warranty


From refrigerators to furnaces to plumbing issues, house problems can be daunting for buyers, especially first-time home owners! But a good home warranty plan will cover common household systems and fixtures like:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Heating and A/C
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Plus optional or specialty systems


Service options are an important feature when looking for home warranties. The best plans will have extended hours to reduce the wait when something goes out.

Understanding what the warranty company will repair or replace is an important feature of the service provided. Lastly, consider the process that goes alongside the service. How fast are replacement parts installed? When will a tech come out to service the unit?

Service is one of the biggest factors in things to look for.

Home Warranty


Understanding the fine print is important when selecting a plan. For instance, a plan may cover a refrigerator but not microwave. Or a smoke detector but not a doorbell. Value and affordability usually come at a price, so consider what restrictions are on a home warranty plan.


Perhaps one of the most sought after for questions, so of course we can’t forget about the price. Price is often based on geographic location and coverage and no two service companies are the same. Of course there’s a Kia version and Cadillac version of each home warranty plan, so fitting the right home warranties for the right person, for the right budget is key here.


Knowing what to look for in a home warranty will help make a solid purchasing decision, and protects the new home-buyer’s investment. Nobody wants to move into a home and have something break right away. However, it happens and that’s exactly what home warranties can help with. Hope this guide has helped!